The American Consumer Seesaw

By Ted Wright

The American Psychiatric Association says that 48% of Americans are anxious about the possibility of getting coronavirus, while 62% are anxious about the possibility of family or loved ones contracting the disease. Anxiety intermixed with the unprecedented boredom only weeks of social distancing can create and you have the unsavory recipe for the American consumer […]

Three traits of influencers normally overlooked by influencer marketers

By Ted Wright

I know what you’re thinking,  “Who are these elusive Influencers everyone’s always talking about anyway?  What makes them special? How do you know one when you see one?”  And most importantly, “How can I get them interested in my cause?” “Influencer” is a term bandied about a little too loosely these days. In this short video, Ted […]

How does purchase price influence word or mouth marketing impact?

By Ted Wright

In this short video, Ted Wright discusses the efficacy of word of mouth marketing as a strategy on low-value items versus high value items. How would word of mouth marketing impact the purchase of a bottle of water? Of a college education? An interesting view of purchase price as a factor in the word of […]

How many word of mouth conversations are face to face?

By Ted Wright

Ted Wright talks about the percentage of WOMM conversations that take place  face-to-face versus online and he probes us to think about what distinguishes a campaign from a movement. [vimeo 22943018] Brand tattoos? Why people get excited about word of mouth marketing ideas! Illustration courtesy

The Reach of an Influencer – VIDEO

By Tanya Fraser

If you’ve been paying attention, you not only now know who the Influentials are, you know what motivates them to share stories and how to encourage them to support your message. But what is the word of an Influencer really worth?  Ted Wright backed up by some marketing R&D  heavy-hitters puts a number on it. […]