Influencers vs Influencer Marketing: What’s The Difference?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Word of Mouth Marketing is all about sharing stories. “Influencers” are great at sharing stories. “Influencer marketing” is one of the hottest terms around today. The idea seems to be everywhere, and business leaders are all trying to figure out how to get in on the action. When I say “influencer,” you […]

How Do You Begin A Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright All good marketing begins with research and every good Word of Mouth Marketing strategy starts with insight. In many ways, marketing has strayed away from the basics of this important principle. We’ve become reliant on social media dashboards, we may be overwhelmed by big data, or we may simply not have the […]

What in the world does it mean to fizz it up?

By Fizz

By Mark Schaefer I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Fizz on a few projects and I’ve learned that “fizz” is used as a verb around the offices, as in “fizzing it up” or even “to fizz” something. For any newcomers to the company, I’d like to explain what that means, and why it’s even […]

How to Get Your Boss On Board with Word of Mouth Marketing

By Ted Wright

          By Ted Wright Many companies have been using the same marketing playbook for years. As times change, company strategies should too. Many have adopted social media marketing in recent years, but Word of Mouth Marketing, when done right, is one strategy every company has access to, and should experiment with. […]

Broadcast vs Word of Mouth Marketing: How Do They Stack Up?

By Ted Wright

In the landscape of marketing, where do Broadcast and Word of Mouth Marketing fit in? Broadcast had a strong 35 year run where it was effective, but it’s decayed over time. Effectiveness is referring to the fact that it was a successful tool for selling more stuff to more people more often for more money. […]