What We Do

Meet your brand’s best friend.

Word of mouth marketing is essentially people sharing interesting, relevant and authentic stories about your brand. Obviously, storytellers are involved. We call them Advocates: customers and potential customers most likely have conversations involving your brand. Then we use creative tactics and give Advocates tools to easily share your message.

Who are the Influencers?
You know them. (You might even be one.) Advocates’ friends count on them for the best recommendations for restaurants, new drinks, music, books, whatever they’re passionate about. Basically, they are a personality type representing about 10% of the North American population.

What makes up an Advocate?

  1. They search for new things just because they’re new.
  2. They share information with friends by communicating with stories.
  3. They’re intrinsically motivated. Coupons don’t drive interaction; access to information does.

Great stories = social currency.
Advocates thrive on being the center of their social circles, and so they constantly search for new stories to add to their collection. When they come across a compelling scoop, they want to share it in an entertaining way. As Fizz leverages these Advocates, brands gain awareness and credibility. The Advocate’s status grows as their friends try the brands recommended and report back with positive feedback. As the positive feedback grows, the Advocate becomes more vested in the brand’s success. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Quality trumps quantity.
Although you may be used to talking about the quantity of people who see a particular message, in word of mouth marketing the quality of the conversation matters much more. Our methodology focuses on the quality of the audience, which is grounded in a strategic mix of account planning, research and in-depth data. The number of Advocates in each campaign are determined by the specifics of each program. We can provide numbers if you’re interested in the specific details of our case studies.

A Fizz by any other name…
Why do we call ourselves Fizz? It’s a nod to our beverage-industry beginnings. We started out by helping clients like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Chocolate Milk, Veev and Monster Beverage. Plus, it’s just fun to say out loud.