So, About Folk Art and Word of Mouth Marketing Influencers

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Normally my day consists of Word of Mouth Marketing, or as I explained to my friend, on his podcast “getting people in North America to talk to their friends about things they think are cool.” Kristian Bush has an interesting podcast theme, invite people he knows to come on and share about […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Saved My Puppy

By admin

  By Danielle Nesmith Have you ever met a little creature that is just so adorable and full of love he can put a smile on anyone’s face? Well, that’s my dog Ziggy, or Ziglet as we like to call him. When I started thinking about getting a furry friend, I excitedly talked to other […]

Inquiring minds want to know: What is My Brand’s Story?

By Ted Wright

  By Ted Wright A question I get asked often is “What is my brand’s story?” Let’s talk about that. When I look at most brand stories that companies are putting out there, I feel they often look more like mission statements than stories. We  once had a client whose brand story ran almost 1,300 […]