Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

By Ted Wright

Judge people by their content and not the way they look, this is the crux of Dr. King’s message. To us, nothing is more American than this statement. Today as we celebrate Dr. King, how right he was and how he believed in the power of conversation to change the world, we thought we would […]

Snowcial 2011 and Atlanta’s Snowmageddon

By Tanya Fraser

It’s true. Atlanta gets bowled over by the snow. A measly ten plows to handle the 2011 ATL Snowmageddon has left many a commuter in her PJs waiting for the mercury to rise. It’s not entirely Atlanta’s fault, we haven’t seen snow like this in over a decade so some are taking lemons and making […]

WOMM and CES 2011

By Ted Wright

Fizz attended CES this year in support of several clients. We were there for three days and walked the entire show at least once. Here are a couple of 30,000 ft observations we had. TV is coming back. As a talkable experience, the act of watching television is coming back with the commercial application of […]