WOMM and CES 2011

By Ted Wright January 12, 2011

Fizz attended CES this year in support of several clients. We were there for three days and walked the entire show at least once. Here are a couple of 30,000 ft observations we had.

TV is coming back.
As a talkable experience, the act of watching television is coming back with the commercial application of 3D television. How long it stays will depend entirely on the content created to support this tech, but no-glasses 3D is here now and will only get cheaper over time. I can tell you that from start to finish of everyday at CES, the longest lines to “see” things were the lines to see the no-glasses 3D televisions. It’s here. Get ready for appointment TV again as DVRs of all stripes will have a tough time recreating live 3D viewing—at least through their next product cycle.


Photo Credit: CES International

The cord is leaving.
An upshot about the desire for mobility is that the cord, in all its manifestations, has become a PITA that companies are overcoming. Whether it’s the palm-sized Optomo PKA31 cordless projector with 28M of internal memory and 50 lumens projecting power (we are now huge fans) or Verizon promulgating products like cell phones that can be wirelessly recharged, the end of the cord is coming. This revolution will not only affect how much road warriors carry with them, but will have far reaching implications to everything from furniture design (think recharging tech built into your hotel room nightstand) to speed through TSA lines.

Fulton Innovation Booth Demonstrating the Wireless Kitchen

That’s it from here. By way of reminder and disclosure, Fizz clients at CES included Intuit, Intel, Fulton Innovation, Qi, WPC and Mophie.

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