The American Consumer Seesaw

By Ted Wright

The American Psychiatric Association says that 48% of Americans are anxious about the possibility of getting coronavirus, while 62% are anxious about the possibility of family or loved ones contracting the disease. Anxiety intermixed with the unprecedented boredom only weeks of social distancing can create and you have the unsavory recipe for the American consumer […]

Offline and online word of mouth marketing are not the same

By Ted Wright

By Scott Jenson Online word of mouth online is a much different than offline. You know this, your board of directors knows this, and most certainly consumers know this. So why is there still such an emphasis on social media without an equivalent share of mind spent on offline conversations? It’s not the wrong choice […]

Marketing Is Always About Conversation

By Ted Wright

Marketing in today’s America is all about generating conversations between two consumers. Did you see the woman at the Golden Globes with the tray of Fiji water? If not, check out this link first: All Fiji had to do was pay the girl an outrageous (so it’s talkable), think $1,000,000, sum for the global rights […]

Forbes: The Social Media 3-Step

By Tanya Fraser

Thank you to Todd Wilms, Sr. Director of Social Media Audience Marketing at SAP for his excellent piece in Forbes AdVoice, Social Media: 3 Steps from 3 Great Companies. Todd gives three marketing authorities the lead, taking us through a few of the big recurring themes from this week’s iStrategy conference in Atlanta, GA.  Here’s a quick […]