Marketing Is Always About Conversation

By Ted Wright February 1, 2019

Fiji Water Girl Lawsuit

Marketing in today’s America is all about generating conversations between two consumers.

Did you see the woman at the Golden Globes with the tray of Fiji water?

If not, check out this link first:

All Fiji had to do was pay the girl an outrageous (so it’s talkable), think $1,000,000, sum for the global rights to her image and they would have owned another news cycle. Then flood the market with the cool cardboard cut outs. Do a co-lab with Supreme. Whatev’s? Now the conversation is about your brand being a tool and ripping off a model instead of about your brand being cool.

“Tool” or “cool”, when you are thinking “more conversations between two people” then the answers to your marketing questions becomes much easier.

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