Fyre Fest and the evolution of social media “Influencer”

By Fizz

By Scott Jenson We’ve all heard the stories by now. A young entrepreneur named Billy McFarland planned on throwing the world’s most glamorous music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. The Fyre Festival was introduced to the world through videos and still shots of beautiful Instagram models and “influencers,” and a simple orange […]

Google and Word of Mouth

By Tanya Fraser

Google’s newest foray into social networking is here, growing at record numbers and open for all with Google Accounts.  So what does this mean for digital word of mouth?  Here are some of our thoughts: Google Plus forces users to evaluate and reexamine their relationships. Google Plus organizes your contacts into circles.  Each new addition […]

Guy Kawasaki’s tweets do not suck

By Ted Wright

Recently there was some hating on Guy Kawasaki’s re: his tweets. The angst was over questions of ownership of content and value of retweeting mass amounts of info. I’m a busy guy with employees, clients and responsibilities at home so I don’t have time to wtirie about hypothetical ‘net ethics. I’ll leave that to the […]