Guy Kawasaki’s tweets do not suck

By Ted Wright June 30, 2010

guy kawasaki's tweets

Recently there was some hating on Guy Kawasaki’s re: his tweets.

The angst was over questions of ownership of content and value of retweeting mass amounts of info. I’m a busy guy with employees, clients and responsibilities at home so I don’t have time to wtirie about hypothetical ‘net ethics. I’ll leave that to the smarties at EFF, Salon and other cool places.What I will tell you about is that Guy just tweeted out an article by Ken Yeung on finding Influencers. I would have never read this article unless someone took the time to scour the ‘net for cool stuff because I don’t read Network Solutions blog (where the article was originally published).

I liked the article so much that I clicked on Ken’s hyperlink and up came a piece from him written today that he is on some junket with Virgin America. It turns out that my buddy Carter FB’ed this morning that he was going to be on the same flight. I e-mailed Carter and told him I thought Ken was an interesting writer and there should talk on the flight. Now they are winging their way from LA to Toronto having a great conversation that they would not have had without Guy’s tweet and my clicking around.

The people who built the ‘net did so to enhance communication. Here’s just another case in point. Thanks for the tweets Guy. They don’t suck.

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