Alcoholics Anonymous Does Word of Mouth Marketing Fabulously Well

By Judi Friedman

By Judi Friedman Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is a self-supporting organization that helps members become and remain sober. From a word of mouth marketing perspective, A.A. is a pretty amazing organization. Founded in 1935 with two members, growing to 100 members in 1939, and then 100,000 in 1950, there are now over two million members in […]

Listening and Loyalty, Takeaways from WOMMfest 2013

By Fizz

By Tracey Gold WOMMFest 2013, was an action packed event hosted by our very own CEO and WOMMA Board Member, Ted Wright. Keynote speakers in anchor cities included Grammy award winning country music star, Kristian Bush in Atlanta, acclaimed author C.C. Chapman in Seattle and cartoonist Hugh MacLeod in Chicago. WOMMA provides an excellent recap of the event here. My inspiration of the day came […]

Kristian Bush of Sugarland at WOMMfest Atlanta

By Tanya Fraser

WOMMfest 2013: Learn first-hand from Grammy winning superstar Kristian Bush of Sugarland, how he and and his singing partner, Jennifer Nettles applied the principles of WOMM to propel their band to the top of the charts. Catch all the action live.

School of WOM with a side of tamales!

By Fizz

We’re still reeling from the fantastic time at this year’s School of WOM.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, School of WOM is a biannual conference attended by the foremost thinkers and educators in marketing today.  Ted Wright hosted an interactive workshop both extolling WOMM’s many virtues and enlightening attendees on the practical wisdom […]

Fizz wins “Humanitarian” WOMMIE

By Ted Wright

In November of 2009, Fizz was honored to win the Humanitarian/Environmental WOMMIE. Fizz would like thank the good folks at PepsiCo for their support of this vital area as well as their embracing of WOMM as the most effective means of commercial communication. Fizz would also like to thank Jef Wallace, CEO of PureRay, and […]

ReFuel with Chocolate milk wins national WOMMIE

By Ted Wright

CATAGORY: MOMENTUM – Word of mouth program to juice existing products/services. TITLE: REFUEL WITH CHOCOLATE MILK WINNER – BRONZE WOMMIE The American Dairy Association (ADA) of Ohio wanted to sell more milk. AcrossAmerica, milk consumption had dropped by half since the 1970s and Ohio was no exception. Milk simply had become less and less a […]