School of WOM with a side of tamales!

By Fizz May 27, 2011

We’re still reeling from the fantastic time at this year’s School of WOM.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, School of WOM is a biannual conference attended by the foremost thinkers and educators in marketing today.  Ted Wright hosted an interactive workshop both extolling WOMM’s many virtues and enlightening attendees on the practical wisdom behind the marketing buzz words floating around the industry.

And who but our very own fearless leader would choose to teach a seminar on his birthday?  We knew we wanted to celebrate in style, so we brought the party to Chicago.  Fizz hired the best food truck in town to whip up an original gourmet menu for the soirée  We even prepared a batch of special limeade to quench our thirsts and laid out a patchwork of Mexican rugs for comfortable picnic seating.  We placed these around the hotel so that School of WOM attendees and friends of Fizz would have party details at their fingertips:

To ensure none were lost on the grueling block and a half commute, Vanessa dotted the sidewalk with balloons leading to the truck.

Tamalli Space Charros spared no one.  Slain by the Lucha Libre masks, top notch ceviche, and endless tamales, our party in the park lasted well into the night.

Big thanks to everyone who came out.  We all left with big guts and bigger smiles.  We’ve already had many a request to turn this shindig into an annual event.  From where we stand: year one down.  Next!

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