The American Consumer Seesaw

By Ted Wright

The American Psychiatric Association says that 48% of Americans are anxious about the possibility of getting coronavirus, while 62% are anxious about the possibility of family or loved ones contracting the disease. Anxiety intermixed with the unprecedented boredom only weeks of social distancing can create and you have the unsavory recipe for the American consumer […]

How do you identify the ideal audience for word of mouth marketing?

By Ted Wright

How does a story find its ideal audience? This is a very common question and an important one. If you’re trying to activate word of mouth marketing for the first time, what’s the process to identify the ideal audience targeted for your stories? There is a very old adage in sales and marketing – you […]

Why I’m passionate about word of mouth marketing

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I could have gone a lot of different ways in my career, but I wanted to talk a little today about why I have devoted my professional life to the craft of word of mouth marketing. Bottom line … It’s just so cool! I think people are very interesting, and I think […]

Co-creating the word of mouth marketing agency relationship

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright The best client/agency relationships start with the client doing enough research to know what an agency does and what they are great it then making sure that matches corporate goals and culture. So many times brands think that the word of mouth marketing agency relationship should be determined alone. It’s the very […]

Why Word of Mouth Marketing is like discovering Pluto

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Today is the birthday of Pluto and I thought it would be fun to explain why the foundational principles of word of mouth marketing are exactly like discovering a planet. Not the Disney dog, although he is sort of cool too. The existence of an unknown ninth planet was first proposed by […]

Marketing Is Always About Conversation

By Ted Wright

Marketing in today’s America is all about generating conversations between two consumers. Did you see the woman at the Golden Globes with the tray of Fiji water? If not, check out this link first: All Fiji had to do was pay the girl an outrageous (so it’s talkable), think $1,000,000, sum for the global rights […]

Why Decatur GA is the center of the word of mouth universe

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright So, Jeff Bezos is moving 30,000 employees into a part of Seattle (pop. 680,000) that no one has really ever heard of and few think of working there. Similarly, but on a much smaller scale, last year Fizz moved our entire company into the City of Decatur, a part of Atlanta that […]

Don’t sell to the community; become a part of it.

By Fizz

Originally posted on WOMMA’s All Things WOMM blog, this post was written by Jeff Morrissey, Brand Specialist – Marketing and Innovation at BISSELL. — The carpet sweeper was invented in 1876 and really hasn’t changed much because it still works just like it’s supposed to… But, by 2011, BISSELL sweeper sales had become flat (for several […]

A Day of Service – Fizz Celebrates Dr. King’s Legacy

By Fizz

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year, Fizz employees took Martin Luther King Jr. Day to humbly answer that question. Janie donated medical equipment to FODAC to help those that need medical equipment but cannot afford it.  She also will continue […]

Boots on the Ground for Dr. King’s Day of Service

By Tanya Fraser

Fizz has a long standing tradition of commemorating the late Dr. King’s legacy.  This year, several on the team donned their Fizz shirts and spent the holiday giving back to the community. Judi donated her time to MedShare, a Decatur-based nonprofit organization that collects surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, distributors and manufacturers, and […]