Three organizational requirements for successful word of mouth marketing

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I’ve discussed word of mouth marketing with hundreds of companies and there are certainly patterns you can see where it works and where it doesn’t. Here are the three ideal organizational requirements for successful word of mouth marketing: 1. Openness to innovation You have to like to try to do new things. […]

How To Get Started With a Word of Mouth Marketing Process

By Ted Wright

If your company has been following a traditional marketing path for awhile, getting started with a Word of Mouth Marketing process may take an adjustment of your mindset. There is no such thing as a grassroots change of a company culture. Most companies like sticking with the playbook they’re used to, because, let’s face it, […]

3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Word of Mouth Marketing

By Fizz

Originally posted on Inc’s marketing blog, this post was written by Peter Economy, columnist at Inc. Anyone in business knows that marketing is a key ingredient in selling the products you make and the services you deliver. If people never hear about the things you sell then, chances are, they won’t buy them. But what kind of marketing […]