What are the signs you need to keep working your company story?

By Ted Wright

The heart of the word of mouth marketing process is the company story (or stories!) – something that is authentic, interesting, and relevant to a group of people who can become your customers. At Fizz, we put a tremendous amount of effort into creating these stories. It might involve weeks of research and days of […]

Are Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing The Same Thing?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright The short answer is… no. But you can’t have one without the other. Influencers like to share things and Word of Mouth Marketing is about sharing stories. Can see why they’re so closely connected? Everybody wants to compare Influencer Marketing vs Word of Mouth Marketing But you need to truly understand both in […]

Why Word of Mouth Marketing Is The Best Form of Storytelling

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I’ve never met a business leader who told me they had too much money for storytelling or marketing. Luckily, smart leaders using Word of Mouth Marketing can depend on influencers to cost-effectively carry their story. Word of Mouth Marketing is all about sparking conversations, and most companies already have marketing materials that […]

Jesus the Influencer – VIDEO

By Fizz

The Influencer concept is nothing new.  Influencers have been around for ages–millennia even.  Do you have a compelling story that’s interesting, relevant and authentic?  With the right influencers in your corner the possibilities are limitless. [vimeo 22945513]