From Adweek – Feb 3, 2023

By Fizz

With Little Marketing Budget but Lots of Moxie, How Stuckey’s Is Plotting a Big Comeback Stephanie Stuckey is on the road to rebuilding her grandfather’s candy brand Doing the marketing herself, Stephanie Stuckey is determined to return the family brand to glory. Stuckey’s By: Robert Klara | Adweek | February 3, 2023 In the Autumn […]

Tanya Fraser: So Proud!

By Ted Wright

Greetings friend of Fizz. This is a quick note to celebrate the times of Tanya Fraser while at Fizz. You see, she’s leaving us today and joining the finest business school in the world, The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Not only was she accepted to Booth, but she is attending as a […]

“Trial and Error” not “Trial and Anger”

By Ted Wright

Now that we are a couple of days out, I’d like to say that headline phrases like “Incredibly Stupid” (Estaban Kolsky) and “Pyramid Scheme” (TechCrunch) were overly harsh and unproductive in reference to Fast Company’s recent jump into the pond of word of mouth/Influencer measurement. Was it a poorly designed experiment? Yep. Was it evil, […]

Lessons from making the world’s #1 Vuvuzela instructional video

By Ted Wright

We recently produced what turned out to be the #1 Vuvuzlea (South African soccer horn) instructional video in the world, or at least on YouTube which IS the global clearing house for videos. We had a Vuvuzela in the office because my mother came back from Jo’burg the week before the World Cup started and […]