Tanya Fraser: So Proud!

By Ted Wright September 5, 2013

Greetings friend of Fizz. This is a quick note to celebrate the times of Tanya Fraser while at Fizz. You see, she’s leaving us today and joining the finest business school in the world, The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Not only was she accepted to Booth, but she is attending as a Merit Scholar. There is just no way that we at Fizz could be prouder of Tanya.

tanya fraserThose of you who have known Tanya’s work at Fizz have been constantly impressed with her as our Director of Digital. Tanya’s contribution to Fizz has been an everyday joy even under the tightest of deadlines and occasional cranky day being had by her boss. In social media, she has quietly become one of the people that the SM professionals look to find out “what’s next”.

For our clients, please know that Tanya was able to hand pick and train her successor. Brandon Bennett joining Fizz in the late Spring comes to us from the world of the NBA with a great deal of digital experience and the highest of recommendations. As a digital native, has been coding and exploring the digital realm since elementary school. Brandon is as comfortable in the digital world as he is in our 3D one.

That’s it for this note except to add my own personal note of sadness and excitement that Tanya Fraser is leaving. From her first day at Fizz, I knew that one day she would leave us to do great things, such was the quality of her raw talent. Over the years Tanya has grown into an excellent marketer with vision and the ability to get work done. If Seth is right and “artists ship” then Tanya is an artist whose abilities are in league with anyone working in marketing today.

Bon Voyage Tanya!

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