The business books that have influenced me the most

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I love peering into the minds of business leaders, especially when they discuss their greatest influences. I thought I would take a crack at that today. Here are the business books that helped direct my thinking on business, strategy, and word of mouth marketing. Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable […]

Build Your Own Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright At its core, Word of Mouth marketing is about people organically sharing stories. So how do we encourage people to share your brand story in a real, natural way? Create a story worth talking about. A good brand story is at the core of building a Word of Mouth Marketing strategy This […]

Three organizational requirements for successful word of mouth marketing

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I’ve discussed word of mouth marketing with hundreds of companies and there are certainly patterns you can see where it works and where it doesn’t. Here are the three ideal organizational requirements for successful word of mouth marketing: 1. Openness to innovation You have to like to try to do new things. […]

What in the world does it mean to fizz it up?

By Fizz

By Mark Schaefer I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Fizz on a few projects and I’ve learned that “fizz” is used as a verb around the offices, as in “fizzing it up” or even “to fizz” something. For any newcomers to the company, I’d like to explain what that means, and why it’s even […]

If these walls could talk: Keys to Fizz innovation hidden in plain sight

By Ted Wright

“Watch this!” Fizz founder Ted Wright exclaimed as he turned off the lights. He then switched on a miner’s light on his head that glowed with the signature purple radiance of a blacklight. As he turned the light toward the wall, decorative words magically appeared on his office wall, exposing colorful and hilarious sayings — […]