If these walls could talk: Keys to Fizz innovation hidden in plain sight

By Ted Wright August 27, 2018

hidden in plain sight
“Watch this!” Fizz founder Ted Wright exclaimed as he turned off the lights.

He then switched on a miner’s light on his head that glowed with the signature purple radiance of a blacklight. As he turned the light toward the wall, decorative words magically appeared on his office wall, exposing colorful and hilarious sayings — hidden in plain sight.

What was this about?

“The creative process is messy,” Ted explained, “and sometimes it gets a little crazy. Our brainstorming sessions for our customers go 30-40 hours over a couple of weeks. This wall captures some of the funniest and wildest things that come out of our sessions. We think it is important to celebrate our process as well as our outcomes.”

For now, the sayings on the wall are a secret to all but a few special guests.

“Not everyone, always needs to see everything immediately. The wall is for us, a way for us to live the value of ‘no dumb ideas’. By being able to chose when and how we should share these to people outside of Fizz, we create context and make it a curated experience” he said. “We reveal the wall to customers and new employees once they have become more familiar with our process. It makes them part of the fun.”

It’s a Fizz badge of pride to say something that “makes the wall.”

At Fizz, even the walls are talkable.

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