Offline and online word of mouth marketing are not the same

By Ted Wright

By Scott Jenson Online word of mouth online is a much different than offline. You know this, your board of directors knows this, and most certainly consumers know this. So why is there still such an emphasis on social media without an equivalent share of mind spent on offline conversations? It’s not the wrong choice […]

The surprising truth about seasonality and word of mouth marketing

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I was asked, “Is there any seasonality factor with word of mouth marketing? Is there a better time of year to do activations?” There is no seasonality for word of mouth because people are always talking. In fact, they may be even talking more over holidays and down times. Holiday seasons can […]

Are Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing The Same Thing?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright The short answer is… no. But you can’t have one without the other. Influencers like to share things and Word of Mouth Marketing is about sharing stories. Can see why they’re so closely connected? Everybody wants to compare Influencer Marketing vs Word of Mouth Marketing But you need to truly understand both in […]

Word of mouth marketing and the value of swag

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright One of the most all-time most popular marketing ideas is swag – you know those little gifts you hand out at a trade show booth, customer meeting, or industry conference. Today I’m going to save you a lot of time and money by telling you the truth about the value of swag […]

Why is Word of Mouth Marketing important right now?

By Ted Wright

By Scott Jenson In 2018, I fulfilled a lifelong dream, visiting Egypt. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the pyramids and stories of pharaonic times. This being a trip some years in the making I planned it well. Hours spent researching on the internet, finding the right guest houses to […]

Why Word of Mouth Marketing matters more than ever

By Ted Wright

A guest post by Mark Schaefer For the last two years, I’ve been immersed in study and research, preparing to write a new book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins. The process forced me to face some very uncomfortable facts. At the top of the list — our traditional approaches to marketing don’t work […]

Marketing Is Always About Conversation

By Ted Wright

Marketing in today’s America is all about generating conversations between two consumers. Did you see the woman at the Golden Globes with the tray of Fiji water? If not, check out this link first: All Fiji had to do was pay the girl an outrageous (so it’s talkable), think $1,000,000, sum for the global rights […]

What in the world does it mean to fizz it up?

By Fizz

By Mark Schaefer I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Fizz on a few projects and I’ve learned that “fizz” is used as a verb around the offices, as in “fizzing it up” or even “to fizz” something. For any newcomers to the company, I’d like to explain what that means, and why it’s even […]

Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

By Ted Wright

Judge people by their content and not the way they look, this is the crux of Dr. King’s message. To us, nothing is more American than this statement. Today as we celebrate Dr. King, how right he was and how he believed in the power of conversation to change the world, we thought we would […]