A word of mouth marketing success that made me go “WOW!”

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright I’ve been immersed in the world of word of mouth marketing for more than 20 years. I’ve had a hand in many well-known case studies including Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Intel Inside, Fireball and AT&T’s move from 3G to 4G. But the one that really made me say “wow” was a project […]

Co-creating the word of mouth marketing agency relationship

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright The best client/agency relationships start with the client doing enough research to know what an agency does and what they are great it then making sure that matches corporate goals and culture. So many times brands think that the word of mouth marketing agency relationship should be determined alone. It’s the very […]

How Do You Begin A Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright All good marketing begins with research and every good Word of Mouth Marketing strategy starts with insight. In many ways, marketing has strayed away from the basics of this important principle. We’ve become reliant on social media dashboards, we may be overwhelmed by big data, or we may simply not have the […]

Hansen’s New Look is Turning Heads

By Tanya Fraser

Nice work from the guys at Deutsch Design Works.  Their shiny new Hansen’s Natural Soda redesign has earned them a coveted spot among Graphic Design USA’s 2010 American Package Design Awards Winners. With their modern and playful twist on the classic, the new look is just as refreshing as what’s inside.  Find out who else made the cut here.