Word of mouth marketing and the value of swag

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright One of the most all-time most popular marketing ideas is swag – you know those little gifts you hand out at a trade show booth, customer meeting, or industry conference. Today I’m going to save you a lot of time and money by telling you the truth about the value of swag […]

Fyre Fest and the evolution of social media “Influencer”

By Fizz

By Scott Jenson We’ve all heard the stories by now. A young entrepreneur named Billy McFarland planned on throwing the world’s most glamorous music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. The Fyre Festival was introduced to the world through videos and still shots of beautiful Instagram models and “influencers,” and a simple orange […]

What is a word of mouth marketing activation

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Recently somebody asked me to define the word “activation” as it relates to word of mouth marketing. It’s a word I use routinely but I thought I would step back and talk about activations today. In our world where many traditional forms of marketing are in decline, we must rely on people […]

Emerging presidential candidates will depend on word of mouth marketing

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright At the core of Word of Mouth Marketing is the crafting of the story that you’d like each of or brand advocates to share with their friends. Over the last 18 years of focusing only on Word of Mouth, we’ve found that a story has to have three components to be shared […]

Word of mouth marketing creating conversations … over water

By Ted Wright

In this video, Fizz marketing leader Lenny Ross talks about the strategy that went into an unusual vehicle designed to spur conversations about the dangers hiding in your drinking water. Here is a transcript of the video: Hey everyone. We’re with Lenny Ross of Fizz. He’s going to take us on a tour of, what […]