Word of mouth marketing creating conversations … over water

By Ted Wright August 20, 2018

creating conversations
In this video, Fizz marketing leader Lenny Ross talks about the strategy that went into an unusual vehicle designed to spur conversations about the dangers hiding in your drinking water.

Here is a transcript of the video:
Hey everyone. We’re with Lenny Ross of Fizz. He’s going to take us on a tour of, what do you call this? What is the official name of this thing?
It’s been called many things. It originally started off as a Water Bar. Our take on one tab of water dispensers for Primo to go out and to be able to sample the water. And here at Fizz, we don’t want to do anything plainly
This is not plain. Point out some of the highlights here that are supposed to create conversations about, really, tap water, right?
Tap water, right. Tap water sucks.
We’re talking about all of the contaminants that are inside of your tap water. And all of that starts with your pipes. And if you look over here, these are replicas of your city pipes.
I’ve always wondered about that.
And all of the gunk inside the city pips. Those pipes run into the white pipe which is inside of your house and this same gunk just follows the pipeline into your house and into your faucet. If you look under the bottom of this faucet here, you’ll see that debris underneath.
And that debris, we wanted to have conversations with people about the tap test. The tap test is you simply unscrew the top of your faucet and if you look in there, that gunk that’s in there, that stuff that’s coming from your pipes is actually going to your water into your cup. And we don’t want people to do that.
So the tap test is a simple test that people can take at home, but we wanted to show that here and also wanted to display these critters. These critters are the contaminants that are in your water.
And what we wanted to do is to have a conversation with people about their tap water and the things that are in their tap water and to also let them know that you have options. So, the back part of the truck here is the dirty part. It’s real dirty and you’ll see the critters right here, they’re inside of your pipes.
It’s very convincing.
As we move forward to the truck, we see the solutions. The solution to the problem is Primo water dispensers. And so, I have a storage for our five gallon jugs. In this vehicle, I can do 3,000 four ounce samples without having to refill anything.
That’s enough for a festival.
That’s a festival. So, you can image this thing pulling up at Little League baseball fields in the summer time, or soccer fields and kids are coming over to fill up their water bottles or parents are coming over to get water and find out what is this and what are we looking at? And so, the cold water works as well as the hot water, but Primo water is not only for people. It’s also for pets, because if you have a pet, that is a family member. And so, what we wanted to do was to be able to do something at pet events as well. So, as the water comes into the dispenser there is also a pet dispenser down at the bottom.
How clever
And so the pets can get Primo water — We can have a conversation with that. And it actually recycles the water that goes in the reservoir, so we don’t waste anything.
We’ll be going to pet events and competitions like the Frisbee toss and dock dogs. We’d like to go those events with our truck and to be able to share the story of Primo water with folks as well as their pets. We’ll also go to park and rides. Those park and rides are typically in the suburbs, so the folks in the suburbs don’t have to burn all that gas to get down to the city and sit in traffic for an hour or so. So, we’ll go to those parking ride lots. And because these also dispense hot water, we’re able to do instant tea, instant coffee, instant oatmeal, grits if someone ordered it. Kind of a surprise and delight type thing while we’re able to share the story about Primo.
That’s awesome. Lenny, this is absolutely fascinating. Congratulations on your masterpiece.
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