Jesus the Influencer – VIDEO

By Fizz

The Influencer concept is nothing new.  Influencers have been around for ages–millennia even.  Do you have a compelling story that’s interesting, relevant and authentic?  With the right influencers in your corner the possibilities are limitless. [vimeo 22945513]

The Pet Rock of Marketing – VIDEO

By Fizz

How are you building your marketing strategy?  If your plan is to do “X” because it’s cool, think again. [vimeo 22942166] Now let’s all just meditate on parachute pants for a moment.

The Power of WOMM – VIDEO

By Fizz

To what extent does WOMM affect our decision-making?  What are its limits?  Ted Wright tackles these questions in his discussion on the power of WOMM. [vimeo 22941676]

Fizz – by Bloom

By Tanya Fraser

Want a new way to see who’s doing the most talking in your social network?  Released earlier this year, Fizz Social Network Visualization uses aggregates of floating bubbles to break down your community’s social media participation.  Here’s a picture we snagged from Pinterest: Check it out for yourself: Kind of cool that we share the […]