Everything Communicates

By Ted Wright

Yesterday I was a Bissell’s HQ in Grand Rapids Michigan for a day of meetings and to give a talk on WOMM to their marketing staff. As you can tell from the picture below, yesterday was not my first rodeo. What struck me enough to write about my experience was how well thought out Bissell […]

“Dang, that boy is ‘purple'”

By Ted Wright

The short story is that Seth is going on a speaking tour and the ticket company he chose to work with this time charged what Seth felt was an excessive amount. Seth took matters into his own hands and refunded the money to folks. What is interesting to me is how consistently “purple” Seth is […]

Welcome to Fizz

By whiteboard

We’re a global leader in word of mouth marketing with clients on every continent in all major categories.We love delivering triple-digit ROI.Would you like to be next?

Look mom, Seth Godin

By Ted Wright

Fizz hosted a Linchpin meeting this summer in Atlanta. Our getting to know you activity was to make Seth Godin masks then take pictures of ourselves. Here are the funnest. We are all looking forward to Seth’s upcoming speaking gig in Atlanta.