How do you embed word of mouth marketing in a company culture?

By Ted Wright

Here is a great irony of word of mouth marketing. It is the oldest type of marketing known to the human race – we have always sold stuff by talking to others. And yet, in a modern company culture, it might be the most unfamiliar marketing option available to us. And, embracing the unfamiliar, like […]

Build Your Own Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright At its core, Word of Mouth marketing is about people organically sharing stories. So how do we encourage people to share your brand story in a real, natural way? Create a story worth talking about. A good brand story is at the core of building a Word of Mouth Marketing strategy This […]

Should you outsource word of mouth marketing or keep it in-house?

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Should you outsource word of mouth marketing or keep it within the walls of your organization? We see in the news that many types of marketing are coming back in-house these days, so I think an interesting topic is how this applies to word of mouth. Should this be an in-house competency, […]

Judi Friedman, Marketing Maven, Joins Fizz, The Word of Mouth Marketing Agency

By Tanya Fraser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fizz welcomes Judi Friedman to the team as our Chief Strategy Officer. One of the most dynamic women in marketing today, Judi has worked with companies from HBO and IBM tostart- ups. As the former VP of One- to- One Marketing at Three and COO of All Points, she hasyears of experience […]