Bob Garfield Joins Fizz as Consultant in Residence

By admin April 6, 2010

Bob Garfield Joins Fizz as Consultant in Residence

Atlanta, Georgia – April 6, 2010 – Legendary marketing thought leader Bob Garfield, in his first strategic affiliation since launching his limited consulting practice, will serve as “Consultant in Residence” to Fizz as his exclusive partner in the Word of Mouth Marketing space.

Garfield, longtime Advertising Age columnist and author of And Now a Few Words from Me and The Chaos Scenario, will work with the Fizz team to strategize on behalf of clients and to vet ongoing work.

“I can’t tell you how delighted I am to have access to this guy’s brain,” said Fizz managing partner Ted Wright “He has been so far out ahead of the pack on the trajectory of marketing, and he has an uncanny knack for getting the beating heart of every problem, every issue. Conveniently enough, he also believes Word of Mouth is the beating heart of marketing going forward.”

Garfield’s collaboration with Fizz will be one of a small handful of affiliations forged by Bob Garfield LLC.

“I have no desire to live in 737s,” he said, “but I have a tremendous desire to finally put my core marketing principles to use – and to them test in the marketplace. It was so easy for me to hitch my wagon to Fizz. The team is fantastic and Ted Wright is way smarter than me. Seriously. Way smarter. It actually kind of annoys me.

“As for Word of Mouth,” he continued, “it has always been the most potent, and most persuasive medium. In the rubble of mass media, it is rapidly becoming the most important. Anybody who doesn’t incorporate it in their overall marketing efforts is either crazy or in deep, deep denial.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, Fizz is a global leader in word of mouth marketing. Its work on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is one of the space’s most famous case histories, leading to a thriving practice in the beverage industry and beyond. Managing partner Ted Wright, an alumnus of Booz Allen & Hamilton, holds an MBA with honors from The University of Chicago.

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