Fizz closed during all US World Cup matches

By Ted Wright

Friends and clients – Fizz will be closed for business during all US World Cup matches. This includes the 30 minutes prior to the match and the 30 minutes afterwards. We will also be closed for the following group matches Japan v. Camaroon France v. Mexico Brasil v. Portugal Should you find yourself in Atlanta […]

The $50,000,000 port in a storm?

By Ted Wright

So I was watching the movie 2012 the other day. The plot of this movie is that, except for Africa, the habitable parts of the world are destroyed by the chaos of a natural disaster. The heroes of the movie and a bunch of rich and powerful people ride on an ark to Africa and live […]

Marketing Posts from our Director of Digital

By admin

Here is a round-up of some recent guest posts our Director of Digital (that’s me) has published around the web: Four Search Engines Marketers Should Know About on Social Media Explorer (345 retweets, 30 comments) How to Market to Gen Y on the American Express Open Forum (198 retweets, 12 likes, 2 comments) Six Steps […]