Case Study



Generate and share an interesting, relevant and authentic brand story in the artist community for Intuit's mobile payment system, GoPayment.


Intuit has launched and sustained many successful products that dominate their respective markets. In 2009, Intuit launched GoPayment: a service that enables users to process credit cards payments using their mobile phones. GoPayment solves significant problems for businesses that deliver services outside a traditional brick and mortar location.

Later that year the founder of Twitter launched Square, a similar service that was soon generating a lot more media attention because of the company’s founder, not because it was a better product. In order to compete with Square, Intuit needed to create a story that was interesting, authentic and relevant to their target audience. The product features and benefits were certainly compelling, but couldn’t compete with the attention Square was receiving because of their CEO.

Fizz refined and tested several stories and identified the one that encapsulated GoPayment’s features and benefits and resonated with the market. We learned that it is the swipe that sells.

Showing potential customers how they can swipe a credit card using their mobile phone captured in a single moment most of the GoPayment value proposition and lead directly to feature and benefit conversations. We then zeroed in on the artist community because they have several significant attributes important to our program:

  • Rely on remote payment processing
  • Are naturally a very talkative group
  • Have pre-existing communication channels
  • In the course of their work they expose secondary communities to the GoPayment solution

In order to reach the artist community, we traveled to art shows throughout the Southeast region. We also participated in several digital communities. The Fizz Market Manager was a member of that community and had credibility among them. He met with artists during arts and crafts shows and communicated with them through email and blogs.



Generated 17,000 conversations in 6 months

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