Case Study



Get the sweeper out of Grandma's closet
and into her granddaughter's laundry room.


BISSELL had been talking about sweepers as the ‘in-between clean’ tool for Moms. While true, that wasn’t very compelling. Instead, we evaluated the stuff Moms have to clean up and zeroed in on things they would never think could be picked up by a sweeper. Things like LEGO® bricks, Christmas tree needles, kitty litter and the dirt tracked into Montessori classrooms and very small spaces like RVs. We developed a story for each, such as this one:

Eliminate the LEGO brick dance. The BISSELL sweeper picks up LEGO bricks, so no more crawling on your hands and knees to find stray pieces.

And you never have to lose a mini-fig again, because you can retrieve all your bricks after sweeping!

We showed up in areas that our target audience least expected. Places like the LEGO KidsFest, sweeping up bricks around the million brick pile. And next to the most popular Santa in town, sweeping up evergreen needles and engaging in conversation while people waited in line to take their pictures. In both cases, the children fought over the sweepers, often waiting in long lines to sweep.



40% Growth

from 2010 to 2012 while working with Fizz

57 Million

Total sweeper conversations

9.5 Million

Gross hours of discussion

BISSELL’s 2011 marketing spend on the sweeper category was concentrated strictly in Word of Mouth Marketing. After flat or declining sales, BISSELL sweeper sales experienced 48% growth year over year. Walmart, a major retailer for the BISSELL sweeper, found it was overselling and under forecasting sweeper sales and had to ramp up their buy.

Had the opportunity to try the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo... this device is simply amazing!

Jennifer from Diaper Derby Adventures

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