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Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson


Scott believes that the best way to tell a story is through experience. And he’s got a lot of stories to share! His professional experience includes a stint in the Marine Corps, various positions in the music industry, several years with an award-winning experiential agency, and as the brand manager of a top 15 craft brewery.

He’s brought to life brands including Coca-cola, Red Bull, Volcom, Scion, Adult Swim, Sony/BMG, Reynolds American and Sweetwater Brewing. Scott’s own story includes extensive travels across 5 continents and almost all 50 states. We’re looking at you, Alaska and West Virgina!

Scott holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an MBA, and so is constantly arguing with himself over feeling or measurement being the most important thing in brand management. In his spare time you can find him on a trail, in a boxing ring, or reading something esoteric about nootropics or pre-dynastic Egypt.