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Paloma Vargas

Paloma Vargas

Market Manager

When Paloma isn’t being a pro-wrestler and beating up people in the wrestling ring, she is a Market Manager.

With a strong background in sales, public relations and talking a million miles per hour, she fits right in at Fizz.

Graduating from college in Texas, Paloma has worked as a producer for a local news station, a writer for a wrestling website, a sales rep for a baseball team and a public relations manager for a start-up, Linea411.

A California born girl, but growing up in Mexico gives her strong roots with the Latino community where she is very well connected.

Paloma is a huge sports fan, supporting the 49ers, Cubs and Blackhawks. Loves to travel and go dancing and is probably the person most obsessed with Sriracha in the world. All alongside her boyfriend of over ten years and her English Bulldog, Rocco.