WOMM fight!

By Ted Wright November 12, 2010

Like Levi Strauss himself I am not going to take sides as all are worthy but I will be selling “Team Spike” and “Team Armano” shirts at the WOMMA meeting next week. Of course, Fizz will be taking the proceeds of the t-shirt sales and using it as seed money to produce the Jones v. Armano cage match scheduled as the prime time keynote at the School of WOM event this spring. I mean we haven’t had a fight with this much potential since the much ballyhooed Keller v. Watts Texas Bullwhip Match of 2007. See you all in the squared circle.

To get your pre-fight background, click on http://womma.org/word/2010/11/12/salvo-a-response-to-the-anatomy-of-a-movement/

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