“Welcome to the ‘stans”

By Tanya Fraser July 24, 2012

Our friends Will and Tommy are driving from England to Mongolia this summer and we gave them the Fizz blog to document the adventure. You know Fizz, in for a penny in for a pound. Check back here to follow their journey.

Will’s Log:

At the border there were nice yet very insistent women who kept saying ‘Tengey, Tengey, Tengey’ I had no idea what they were talking about until we went to purchase ‘insurance’. Starting off in Kazakhstan we realized two things, money looks like Monopoly Money with the insane inflation rate of 68 US cents to 100 Tengey and secondly the roads in Ukraine look like excellent next to the roads in Kazakhstan.

Check out the road photos and you will see the utter ruins the roads are in. Not to mention at the border, the border officers asked me about George Bush and Obama, but more particularly the Bill Clinton Scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

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