Vodka not a “dead market” just vodka start ups

By Ted Wright April 7, 2008

Reuters was nice enough to call us for some pull quotes regarding the Pernod purchase of Absolut. In the interview we noted that the market for vodka starts ups had “jumped the shark” and we knew this to be true given recent entrants to the market (Trump vodka anyone? Kirkland Vodka at CostCo?) and quotes we get sent from Fizz Corp members like this one from Lucy Grand in Seattle, “There’s always a better vodka price coming in the door so I just play one vendor off on another and take what’s cheapest”. 

 We don’t think vodka is a “dead market” as reported by Reuters. In fact we know it to be a huge, robust and growing market. This is why the P-R purchase of Absolut makes so much sense to us. Vodka start ups are done. Now is the time to buy established brands and maximize their value. Best wishes Pernod!

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