The Cocktail Goes “Healthy”

By Ted Wright July 17, 2007

As friends of Fizz you all may have heard us predict the growth of a trend we like to call the “healthful cocktail”. We see this trend as a natural combination of several movements we have seen in food a beverage over the last several years – the mass acceptance of organic ingredients, the “slow food” phenomenon and a desire by customers to “trade up” to more luxurious beverages in an attempt to further define themselves to their peers.


Now that no less an august publication than the Sunday New York Times ( has now picked up and reported on this trend we predict the pomegranatization of it to continue over the next two years. It started in California about fours years ago and is now “a thing” in forward thinking restaurants in just about any DMA you can name.


For those of you who want to explore this cocktail trend now or just add to your drink repetois we highly recommend you ask for a bottle of VeeV at your favorite high end liquor store. It’s the engine for Fizz’s signature cocktail this summer (recipe below). Mixologists and consumers alike have just gone crazy for it. We think it kicks ass. Check out for more info.

The VeeV Fizz 

1 shot VeeV

Juice of one Myers Lemon*

I shot organic agave nectar**

Cracked ice

Club soda to taste

Combine all ingredients in a Collins or other tall glass and serve

*a very ripe grocery store lemon can be substituted

*.5 shot of honey can be substituted

FULL DISCLOSURE: We do not have a financial interest in the success of VeeV however team members here at Fizz did work with VeeV on the conception, packaging, naming, formulation and early marketing tasks of the brand so we are immensely proud of it’s success.

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