Tales of the Cocktail: Be There!

By Ted Wright July 1, 2008

Friends of Fizz –

The finest beverage event of the year is about to occur – Tales of the Cocktail. For those of you who don’t know about this festival honoring booze let us share a secret with you, it is the finest beverage event of the season. Why do we say this? Let us offer some thoughts. 

It’s still relatively small so the great producers of fine spirits can still afford to attend. In the same day you will be able to see Lance Winters talk about artisanal spirits, Mike McCaw discourse on still design and go have a drink with Ted Breaux, the finest maker of absinthe on the planet today.

The big brands haven’t “Super Bowled” it yet. You know the term Super Bowling don’t you. It’s where all of the marketing noise surrounding an event overshadows the event itself. We have all been to beverage shows like that before and Tales just isn’t that. It’s for the passionate lover of cocktails by the passionate lover of cocktails.

It’s in New Orleans. Post-Katrina New Orleans is still one of the top three US cities in which to have a cocktail. Ancient bars, professional staff, desire for quality and the ability to walk everywhere. What could be finer?

The program this year is brilliant. There are going to be days that we won’t know which of three programs to attend because they are going to be so cool. Shall we go with Dale on a walking tour of NOLA as he takes us through the history of the cocktail OR shall we stay indoors and join in a conversation about organic spirits with Allen Katz OR shall we mosey out the door and join our favorite micro distiller at a local joint as they reveal their latest creations and we taste them over a lunch of crawfish and key lime pie? Many options, all are good.

Hope to see you all there. For those friends and clients who are coming to Tales your friends here at Fizz will be there Tuesday through Sunday. Come see us at the Hotel Monteleone.

For more info: http://www.talesofthecocktail.com/2008/index.php

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