Fyre Fest and the evolution of social media “Influencer”

By Fizz

By Scott Jenson We’ve all heard the stories by now. A young entrepreneur named Billy McFarland planned on throwing the world’s most glamorous music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. The Fyre Festival was introduced to the world through videos and still shots of beautiful Instagram models and “influencers,” and a simple orange […]


By Ted Wright

By Scott Jenson I sell (insert thing here), how can I use WOMM to sell more stuff to more people? The easy answer is to hire our team of professional Word of Mouth Marketers at Fizz, we’ve created a proprietary system that determines what is unique about your brand and we’re pretty good at doing […]

Word of mouth marketing failures: The two fatal flaws

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright Many companies try to create word of mouth marketing efforts on their own, and they should. As I describe in my book, Fizz, with focus, discipline and a little practice, a word of mouth marketing strategy is within reach of almost any business willing to commit to the effort. But when WOMM […]

For an effective word of mouth marketing story, accuracy helps

By Ted Wright

By Ted Wright For a story to be shared widely by brand advocates (aka “real Influencers”) the experience that the advocate has with the brand has to match the story. The following is an example of when that doesn’t happen: Story: Adidas is taking plastic waste, hand-harvested from ocean trash, melting it down then spinning […]