Jobs? Ya, we got ’em.

By Ted Wright August 17, 2010

Client side CMO – Bev alch, leader in their category. Chairman of the company has asked us if we know any “incredibly capable, non conventional, disciplined but out of the box people we would recommend.” If you are reading this than you probably fit that description or know someone who does. Contact Ted Wright directly if you want to know more.

Fizz LA – Looking for two field people. Contract position. 12 month gigs.

Fizz Seattle – Looking for a field person. Contract position. 12 month gig.

Fizz various West Coast locations – Looking for up to four field people. Contract position. 12 month gig.

Fizz West Coast – WOMM hire. Employee. Regional field manager.

Fizz Atlanta – WOMM hire. Employee. Strategy and creative focus.

Fizz Atlanta – WOMM hire. Employee. Sales and client management focus.

Field people need to have between two and five years experience. Experience in beverage, tobacco, automotive, gaming and national tours all pluses.

WOMM applicants get extra points for previous WOMM experience, ability to quote from the WOMM cannon, existing client side contacts and biz dev skills.

As a company, we are impressed by smart and an ability to get things done. We have a very tight team that trusts each other.  We think we have some of the best jobs in American marketing today. We’ll get 2,000 resumes sent to after we post this and probably call 15 people back. If you’re one of those fifteen then thanks in advance for making our day.

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