Hey beverage entrepreneurs – have some Fizz on us

By Ted Wright February 23, 2009

If you are reading this you might be one of those folks that calls us with huge needs but small budgets. If so, have we got a deal for you. Ted Wright, Fizz’s founder and managing partner, is speaking at the year’s Beverage Forum.  A full day WOMM workshop from Fizz starts at $25,000. Total cost of attending two days of the Beverage Forum including a shorter version of our WOMM workshop is $1,100.  This is a great deal in these trying economic times.

At the Beverage Forum, Ted will be giving an abbreviated version of our famous WOMM 101 for Beverages workshop and bringing along some of his beverage CEO friends like Seth Goldman (founder of HonestTea) and Courtney Reum (founder of VeeV Spirits). Because it is very important to us that all of our friends in the beverage business be as successful as possible anyone who does sign up to attend the Beverage Forum prior to 3/12/09 and sends their conformation to amy@fizzcorp.com will also receive a free personal 30 minute session with Ted where you can discuss anything that you would like. So sign up for the boilermaker that is the Beverage Forum and get a shot of Ted on us.

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