Go Narragansett Go!

By Ted Wright July 3, 2007

For those who may not know the brand, Narragansett is one of New England’s iconic beer brands. In 2005 it was purchased from our friends at the Pabst Brewing Company and under the helm of Mark Hellendrung it has turned around from a declining brand to one of growth and strength. The WSJ did a nice piece on 7/2* about the turn around. What we like so much about the Narragansett story is that it once again shows that following and implementing the five “Great WOMM truths” that we follow here are Fizz will dramatically increase both profit and volume sold for the beverages to which these principles are applied.


         Great products sample, average products advertise so “sample, sample, sample”

         Invite people to sample. Never interrupt or intercept

         PR is important. It validates the WOMM and increases the velocity by which a story will spread.

         Work with the Influencers you have identified early. Teach them your brand story and they will share.

         Stories are shared if they are Interesting, Relevant and Authentic

Local brews with a defined geography of interest, great story and a long history can be made into stars by applying these lessons and sticking with them. So raise a glass with us to Mark and his team – thanks for bringing back Narragansett. We’ll enjoy several rounds next time we are in Providence.


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