Fizz’s favorite bars in . . . Paris

By Ted Wright March 19, 2008

Greetings from the Rue de Wonderful where the Euro is out of control but the wine is great. As we sit here we thought we would pass along our list of favorite bars in Paris. Please enjoy.


For Wine – Le Tartine in the Marais Dist. This wine bar is as close as one can come to the realities of what Paris was like during the 1920s and 30s. The old, almost never polished mirrors and woodwork; the marble topped bar; the eighty year old wood refrigerators; and the smell of fresh cheese that invariably fills the air makes this an ideal place for romantics. So truly Parisian is this place that the three young women who work behind the bar are all dressed in black and give the appearance of being eighty year old war widows.


Local art/designer crowd – Chez Prune in the Canal St. Martin area. Retro drinks done very well.


Left bank people watching – Bar du Marche. Rue de Seine/Rue de Buci. “Left bank”, ‘nuf said.


Where you should live for a month sometime in your life – George V. Get a drink then sneak into the pool area. So fun!


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