Creative Tools Worth Talking About

By Tracey Gold June 24, 2013

Tracey Gold

I believe Word of Mouth best practices are just as important online as they are in the real world.  In order to standout in a competitive and evolving digital marketplace, developers need to create solutions that are talkworthy.  Simplicity and intuitive design are key ingredients that when blended together, result in a user experience that is both engaging and meaningful.  My top tools/apps meet the above criteria, and provide a platform for users to produce and share their stories.

1.  Wix Create a fully customizable HTML5 flash website, mobile site or Facebook page for free. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of beautifully designed templates to choose from.  For inspiration, users can get a jumpstart by perusing the tab labeled Explore, which showcases an assortment of websites along with the original templates used in the design development. Wix also allows users to link their customized website addresses to their Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.



2.  Animoto:  The place to create stunning videos in just minutes from a desktop, tablet or phone.  Upgrade options are available for longer and higher quality videos. The process is simple: upload personal photos/videos, customize style from a variety of ready-to-use templates, watch and share memorable moments.



3.  Paper | Fifty Three Designed for the iPad andwinning all kinds of awards including best app of 2012.  It’s a playground for people to explore their inner creative. Instead of focusing on how the fingers interact with a mobile touch screen, the developers sought to humanize the experience by paying attention to the paper, the color palate and the interaction between the ink and the paper.  As in real life, a bleed effect might be present depending on the pencil or pen.  According to Georg Petschnigg, Paper 53’s Cofounder, the blending of color “is happening in a six dimensional space.”


From the start users are given a blank canvas with only two tools:  Draw (an ink fountain pen) and Erase (an eraser).  For an additional $1.99 more tools can be purchased – also named for their utility.


Paper 53 is suitable for a variety of audiences with the same goal in mind – to engage in beautiful, authentic storytelling.  Read more about the app here.


4.  Strava.  Meaning “to strive”, is a social network and personal fitness tracking tool.  Caveat:  I’m a Strava Ambassador, but claim no bias because of its strong foundation in word of mouth marketing.  The company started from friends telling other friends to try it and grew to exponential levels. CEO Michael Horvath describes the company’s point of difference by stating, “Strava is different from other fitness apps in that simulates what it’s like to be on a team”.  Strava makes training fun, memorable and sharable. Once registered, athletes grab their GPS devices, go for a ride or run and then plug back in to view their performance and achievements.  Athletes are encouraged to create their own run or ride segment (specific section of road or trail).  As others complete the same segment a leaderboard is generated and the person in first place receives the honorable KOM status (king of the mountain).  A premium plan option is available and provides a comprehensive display of elevation mapping, progress reports, heart rate zones and even suffer scores.  Strava just recently joined forces with Instagram to capture moments on a run or ride, and sharing opportunities are available via social media sites.


It was hard to narrow down my list to just a few. Discovery and creative innovation inspire me on a daily basis. Which apps and tech tools are at the top of your inspiration list?

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