Countdown to the Finish Line

By Tanya Fraser August 20, 2012

As it happens, expecting a strong cellular connection driving throught the Gobi Desert toward Ulaan Bataar was a little optimistic. Who knew? Piece together Will and Tommy’s final days of the race as they trucked it to the finish-line through their tweets.

5 days to go, and counting…

09:50 – Heading towards the Gobi Desert, taking wrong turns constantly because the roads dont really exist. At all.

4 days out:

10:18 – No sports cars here, this is Kamaz territory, where 40mph is like 70mph, and torque is king not horsepower.”

3 days out:

19:46 – Finally made it to Altai after a night spent in a sandstorm and a day on some pretty terrible and very misleading roads.

2 days out:

01:30 – What a day. So, one of our brake lines exploded, leaving us on the side of the highway hemorraghing brake fluid. Luckily a…

Cliffhanger Alert! Aren’t you dying to know how they got out of this mess?  Yeah, we are too.  Stay tuned for the post-race interview.

1 day left:

23:36 – Still not to Bayanhongor, but we are geting closer. Trying to make it halfway to Arvaykeer tonight. We will see.

Last stretch:

10:51 – Moving along to the finish line, we are immersed in a 8 car convoy or rolling virus, knocking out the final 132 miles!

10:51 – Rolling in a 8 car deep convoy to Ulaan Baatar, less than 150 miles until the finish line. GAME TIME.

15:39 -We made it!!! We have crossed 9000 miles and are officially at the finish line!

Whew. 9,000 miles–we’re tired just reading that. And now, the requisite champion shots:

Nicely done.

Our friends Will and Tommy drove from England to Mongolia this summer and we gave them the Fizz blog to document the adventure. You know Fizz, in for a penny in for a pound. Check back here to follow their journey.

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