Bravo Dr. Pepper!

By Ted Wright March 27, 2008

Dr. Pepper announced today that it is going to give everyone in America a can (that’s 300,000,000 sodas) of it’s eponymous soda if Axl Rose/Guns N’ Roses finishes their long awaited album Chinese Democracy in 2008. 

We love this idea.

Fizz is about Word of Mouth Marketing and tapping into the passion of brand Influencers. Great WOMM programs that build brand volume must effectively address the three questions listed below. This latest tactic from Dr.Pepper does so we think the idea is a winner.

Is your story interesting enough for Influencers to want to learn more?  Axl locked in his studio for years like some kind of rock & roll Ted Kaczynski. A possible new GNR album in 2008. Evoking the memory of our first GNR experience. What’s not interesting in this story?

Is your story relevant to an Influencer’s audience? Who of us doesn’t secretly hope that Chinese Democracy is full of kick ass rock & roll moments equal to the first 10 bars of Welcome to the Jungle? Don’t we all need a moment in our lives when we are transported back to 1987 and are rocking out to some great GNR tunes? Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of those brief hiatus from our everyday demands?

Is your story authentic to the Dr. Pepper brand essence? Dr. Pepper’s promotion expresses the excitement that has always been at the core of the DP experience by coming at it from the prospective of a “fan” and not a company. The voice of this idea is individualistic and joyful, hitting just the right note to resonate with Dr. Pepper fans.  

Bravo Dr. Pepper brand team! Here’s a wish for Axl’s success and a nice frosty DP just as soon as possible.

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