Badge Value

By Ted Wright July 4, 2007

Once some of the team here at Fizz did a little research with an acoustical engineer friend. The question, “Do people use a louder voice when sitting at a bar and ordering Grey Goose vodka than when they order other vodkas?”. The resounding answer was “Yes”. In fact on average we found that Grey Goose gets ordered almost 20% louder than any other vodka. After doing some interviews and follow ups,  we came to this conclusion: people associated Grey Goose with being “the best” or “excellence” and by ordering it they were communicating to others that they liked to and could afford to surround themselves with excellence. Because they liked the fact that as many people as possible might associate them with “the best” or “excellence” they tended to unconsciously order Grey Goose using a louder voice than other patrons who ordered other vodkas.

We see similar conclusions in today’s NYT article on the Prius. Let’s start with a quote from the article :

“In fact, more than half of the Prius buyers surveyed this spring by CNW Marketing Research of Bandon, Ore., said the main reason they purchased their car was that “it makes a statement about me.”

So 50%+ of Prius owners are buying the car because they believe that others will form a particular opinion or set of opinions about them based on driving the Prius.  This is great news for Prius as long as there is a large enough market of people who desire this impression about themselves above all others.

There is also a bit of the Influencer personality showing up in some of the Prius owners. Let’s look at this quote for the same NYT article –  

“I felt like the Camry Hybrid was too subtle for the message I wanted to put out there,” Ms. Gatch said. “I wanted to have the biggest impact that I could, and the Prius puts out a clearer message.”

At least some Prius owners are also interested in “preaching the Word” of environmental responsibility and see ownership of a Prius as a more effective non-verbal way of doing that than other hybrid options.

So what does all of this have to do with your beverage brand. We’d suggest two take away thoughts here for you to ponder:

People are always looking for non-verbal ways to communicate who they are

The best brands are always the ones with simple messages with a strong and specific point of view.

Here’s a list of brands that we think have executed well against the two goals above: IZZE, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Corona and Jagermeister.

What are you doing to make your brand’s message simple, strong and specific? Write us back and let us know.

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